Gjallarhorn - 2017

Sound Designer / Music Composer

(Viking exploration game)

Cube Tilt - 2017

Music Composer

(Mobile puzzle game )


Cell Break - 2019 

Sound Designer

(3D puzzle Game - Game Jam)

The Six Dragon RPG - 2018

Additional Sound Designer

(Open World Fantasy RPG )

KaleidoScope - 2019

Sound Designer / Music Composer

(Exploration game)

Bundits - 2019

Sound Designer / Music Composer


Dauntless - 2019

Music Composer

(Action Adventure music Pack)

Day of Glory - 2018

Main Music Theme Composer

(Gladiator action game )

Oliver Hopley

Game Developer


““Excellent to work with and brought unbound enthusiasm to his role as a sound designer.  Worked with both the technical and creative members of the team to bring a rich and immersive sound to the game. A joy to work with such a friendly and reliable guy, would happily work again with him in the future.”

Meera Chauhan

Indie Game Developer


“It was great working with Wilson he understood exactly what I wanted for the game and after each meeting or talk the edits made were better each time. The music he created suited the atmosphere and feel I wanted for my game.”

Patricia Mischa Lopes

Indie Game Developer


“Wilson was a pleasure to work with. He's very involved in the projects and invested in his work. He can adapt his work to fit the vision of his clients.”

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